In Western Australia: Jesus & His Cross Sets the Captives Free!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

These past few days have been non-stop ministry here in Western Australia where we are conducting nightly public deliverance services for those needing prayer to be freed from evil spirits. Every night we are seeing many souls freed from demonic powers and healed from various forms of sicknesses and afflictions. Even earlier today at our training seminar numerous miracles took place including the salvation of a soul! I recall on our special ladies only meeting many were receiving deliverance while I taught from God’s Word. Then in subsequent nights souls traveled from near and afar to obtain a miracle. It’s been an incredibly powerful mission and I praise God for His mercy!

Last night, I taught from the Scriptures, led everyone in Holy Communion and began to pray for those enslaved to demonic powers. Immediately demons surfaced and many were expelled in Jesus name. Including many tormenting, death, Baal, and Jezebel spirits. Many broken hearts were released by these demons as commanded. One precious lady whom the Holy Spirit directed me to minister to was terribly vexed by spirits –her face spoke of great pain and torment however God wanted to display His healing love to her! I brought her up the front and she revealed that she had considered suicide and wanted to die. She was hopeless and felt alone. 

As we began to love on her, powerful evil spirits surfaced and battled me. They revealed they had been in her ancestral bloodline for many generations due to idol worship and other evils. I had this woman break the curses and confronted the spirits holding her captive. The fought back and at that point I brought out my sacred cross –the demons were petrified of the cross and bowed in it’s presence. I inquired of the demons why they were so afraid.

“Because the cross is life!” the demons as-a-matter-of-fact declared. 

This is so true –authentic life begins at the sacrificial death of the Jesus upon the cross.

I commanded the many demons that had invaded the woman to depart and many spirits of Satan exited from the body and immediately she testified of feeling delivered and healed. 

“For the first time in my life I feel free and and feel I’m no longer alone. I feel God’s love among you and in this place,” this precious woman shared with everyone here at the Concordia Lutheran Church in Perth where we conducting these series of public services. As she shared people began to weep and shouted to the Lord! Jesus had indeed set a captive free! 

We encountered many other demons within those attending the meeting. Many demons departed and entered that pit. Many souls experienced freedom and spiritual release. Furthermore, many broken hearts surfaced and were supernaturally healed by Jesus. Many pains disappeared and many were renewed by the power of God! 

I believe we finally finished up well after midnight (once again) and were due up at 10am to conduct a training seminar where for more than 7+ hours taught from the Scriptures, led in Holy Communion and ministered to those needing an exorcism. It was encouraging to hear one precious lady share, that in one of our previous training seminars here in Australia, that she attended, she learned of the reality of ancestral dissociation. As a result of hearing this she began to investigate her ancestral background and she discovered that there two ancient soul parts that held on the horrors of being buried alive and being beheaded. As long as she could recall this precious woman revealed that she has had quality of life issues stemming from these realities –at times she felt like she was reliving some of these horrific realities. Well, after discovering these precious little parts, she recognized who these ancient soul parts were and was able to remove them in Jesus name! Almost immediately, she felt immediate deep healing from this area of her life. Amazing testimony. Other have equally shared powerful testimonies of being healed and deliverance through our gospel work. This is encouraging!

Earlier today, during our training seminar I taught for more than 5-6 hours on spiritual warfare, deliverance and inner healing. In the midst of the training a young man came into the meeting needing prayer. So I brought him to the front and found out that he had not been born again so in the middle of our training I prayed for him to receive Jesus Christ as Lord! It was wonderful to see the Holy Spirit work so powerfully!

Then for a few more hours I ministered to those afflicted with demons including a 15 year old teenager who was brought to the meeting by his father. As I prayed for him very powerful and violent spirits surfaced including: murder, anger, rage, fear, Freemasonry, and death. For the course of a few hours many demons surfaced –many thousands of evil spirits hell bent on wanting to kill me. One look at these demons reveals that truth! They were furious with me and foamed at the mouth. They growled and groaned like a wild beast. They clenched their fists as preparing to physically assault me. 

In response to this violence I grabbed by holy cross and motioned it to the demons and they backed up in utter terror! The were petrified of the cross. Their eyes widen whenever I motioned my cross in their direction. At times they leaped backwards in utter defeat. They did not want to even touch the cross for a second. I held the cross up high the demons cowered. At times, the demons attempted to run away in an attempt to get away from me and my cross so I called forth mighty holy angels. Immediately they arrived and one strong holy angel pulled out a spear and struck the demons within this young teenager with great force. The demons moaned. I had the angels move (this done without any human aid) the young man wherever I needed him to be. The holy angels obeyed my commands and greatly assisted me. We bound the demonic spirits and forced them to partake of the blood of Christ which, obviously, greatly weakened them. The disgust and fear of the Holy Communion spoke volumes. They were terribly fearful of the cup of the Lord where they swiftly backed up as the placed the Communion cup near them. They felt the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit and the power of the blood of the cross.

For over two hours the angels assisted me in restraining and providing service to this young teenager so horribly afflicted with torment and violence. I had the demons release his body, mind and broken heart –many heart parts surfaced and I led them to Jesus the healer! As they were being led to Jesus this young teenager was experiencing incredible inner healing and peace. Then after renouncing the generational curses that led to his demonic invasion I began to battle these very violent and murderous demons. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we commanded the legions of demons out of him and this young man was powerfully set free! Click here to see the picture (note his post deliverance smile). It was a incredibly emotional time for everyone in the seminar to see this tormented and tortured young many encounter the peace of God!

I am blessed! I am blessed with God’s holy power to see extraordinary miracles nearly every day! What an honor and joy to serve the King Jesus!

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