Invasion of Witchcraft in Perth, Jesus Conquered!

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus!

Nothing has changed really. Satan still uses the same tactics. Jesus had a Judas. The enemy seeks to infiltrate to divide and conquer. To poison minds. I have known the enemy has been furious with us as we have a carried on the gospel meeting here in Perth, Australia. Interestingly, enough, a dear brother in Christ, in Sydney emailed me a few days and shared that he had received a word from the Lord. He said, “Keep going Jay!,” and my friend was given this: “Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the LORD delivers him in times of trouble. The LORD will protect him and preserve his life; he will bless him in the land and not surrender him to the desire of his foes.”

The Lord WILL protect me and preserve my life and will not surrender me to the desires of my foes. All glory to Jesus for this WORD! (Thank you Kurt for being used of the Lord to speak into my life it much appreciated)

For the past several days here in Perth, Australia, a small group of perhaps 4 or 5 people (who belong to some kind of formal organization I have been told), have been spreading lies about the ministry and me. Doing such hellish work even in our meetings. More than that they have been coming to the meetings not even participating –they are not seen praising the Lord Jesus, they refuse to partake of Holy Communion, and are essentially infiltrators. They arrive to the meeting –to watch, to observe, to provide surveillance for the enemy. They are basically pawns who attend and report back the work that we conducted for King Jesus! The enemy is ever watching me and wanting to destroy. 

A few nights ago we powerfully ministered the gospel and many souls were set free as a result. This, no doubt, caused the enemy wanting to attack, to hinder the work of the Holy Spirit. Yes, I was hindered last night –the witchcraft was think and heavy. The oppression was extreme. Our praise and worship team had difficulty, I had difficulty teaching from the Word, others were experiencing great oppression, (even the Body of Christ could feel it coming in a certain direction) however we pressed on. The witchcraft intensity was at it’s highest when we were ministering to a man who had powerful Illuminati spirits. I knew the demonic resistance were coming from this witchcraft group of 3 or 4 people. So I approached them and told them to leave. I could feel their hate for me. Even after telling them to leave, they resisted and took some time to gather their belongings. They wanted to stay to send more curses my way.

One precious disciple said that they could SEE that spiritually I was covered in mud. They were telling the truth because I felt it –even now. However gradually it’s being removed by the blood of Jesus! However this group continues to send curses and slander. Please pray in Jesus name. I bless my enemies and pray for them even after removing them. However we must remain on guard. 

Despite the enemy’s attack. Jesus came away victorious. Our enemies were defeated and Jesus prevailed. Precious hearts were healed including a older woman’s heart that had been deeply bruised and broken. I spoke to the little girl that surfaced and she was so sad. I sent her to Jesus and she experienced great healing. The demons of rage, bitterness and fear had taken hold of this woman’s life and battled me.

“We have been here for many generations,” the spirits informed me, “Nobody has ever come along to cast us out for these hundreds of years.”

Well, on this night, we were about intervention. So, in the name of Jesus, we drove out the demons and told the sicknesses and torments to go. It left and she was healed on this night. Another lady we ministered to was terribly afflicted by demon powers. During our entire meeting, I could see her in the back of the meeting hall horribly afflicted with demons. She looked so sad and oppressed.

I brought her to the front to minister to her and she revealed that for many years she practiced witchcraft and the occult. At first she wasn’t ready to rid herself of the dark arts of Satan however eventually as the night went on she began to realize her need for Jesus so we continued the ministry with her and as we did we found out that she had not even truly experienced salvation in Jesus Christ! 

“Nobody has really explained to me how one goes about receiving Jesus,” she told me. 

This is so sad. Obviously, I explained to her the love of God and her opportunity to open her life and her heart to Jesus! She readily prayed with me and received Jesus as Savior and Lord! We have seen in our meetings this week people surrendering to the Lord Jesus Christ for the very first time and this brings me great joy as this is the greatest miracle! The miracle of new life in Jesus! 

Now with the power of Jesus in her heart we began to conduct some warfare on her behalf. Many spirits of Jezebel and witchcraft surfaced and were defeated by the blood of Jesus! 

They also boasted: “We have been here for many generations, there’s many of us.”

As our new sister in the Lord dedicated her life to Jesus the spirits were removed in the name of Jesus and they came out as they shook her body and hands. Afterwards, her face truly shone with the light of God’s love. Finally, after all of these years, she has experienced true love –the love of Jesus! Amen!

Many others experienced a measure of liberation and healing including a woman from Papua New Guinea who had ancestors that worshipped near the volcanoes and offered sacrifices. There were powerful spirits of witchcraft within her that battled me. They came out with of her mouth. They were defeated by King Jesus!

For many hours we ministered to those oppressed by the devil and Jesus won despite the invasion of witchcraft earlier in the evening. We must press onward and never, never, never, never give up or in. Witchcraft is defeated and tonight we will further the Kingdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

Please pray as we are conducting more meetings tonight and tomorrow at Concordia Lutheran Church. 

Jesus is Lord and has defeated witchcraft!

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