Battling Jezebel, Islamic & Witchcraft Demons in New Jersey

Dear Friends of Jesus,

For nearly two hours I taught from the Scriptures and then ministered to those bound by evil forces. For the past 5+ hours we have been battling very strong demons within those attending our public meeting here in Newark, New Jersey. Our small meeting hall filled up as the night went on and precious souls came in from various cities to be delivered from evil spirits. In fact, one precious lady from Moscow, Russia, flew in to meet us for prayer. Incredible! This is not uncommon though. People are desperate for freedom and are willing to make great sacrifices to obtain their victory. We have traveled the world and the world has traveled to us. 

Just a few minutes ago I walked out of the meeting hall and noticed one wastebasket filled with blood-soaked tissues as one Nigerian man, who attended our meeting, literally spent the night vomiting out demons. The vomiting sounds were intense and vicious. So many evil spirits lifted off of him as the night went on. For many hours, I dealt with generational Islamic, witchcraft and idol-worshipping demons from within him (his mother and her ancestors were Muslims). There were hordes of them. The waste basket was filled with strange substances that exited his body and much blood. They were commanded to enter into the pit in Jesus name! He was testifying at the end of the public meeting that he was feeling much better too.

That was just one case. Many others in our small hall experienced freedom and healing. One Korean lady that attended with her husband and daughter experienced physical healing from a terrible pain that had been afflicting her body. She testified of feeling no more pain. However, I’m very concerned as she struggles with doubt and is weak in faith. Others also experienced the removal of various pains and afflictions. Moreover, many hearts experienced healing too; in fact in one case one lady actually saw a vision of her heart being repaired and whole. While ministering to those broken in heart we encountered many broken heart parts that actually testified of seeing Jesus. What an honor to serve those broken in heart and seeing Jesus liberated hearts. 

One Puerto Rican woman we ministered to in the meeting had absolutely no idea she had dissociation or numerous demons until I started to place some spiritual pressure on them. Then Jezebel finally surfaced and admitted to causing numerous problems such as torment, fear and rejection. 

“Nobody has come along to battle us until now. You have been the first one who dared to confront us in the 200 years we have been in this family,” the demons informed me, “We have been hiding; she didn’t even know we have been here all along. But she does fight us; but we want to stay!”

Again another startling admission –no one has dared to stop the demonic attacks. By God’s grace, we will not shrink back in the midst of demonic adversity, we will press forward in victory. There were a few others in the meeting who had demons that boasted how they had never been exposed before and were willing to fight us. So as the night went on we battled many demonic spirits that were hell bent on fighting us. 

Another lady we ministered to also had no idea she had demons until we started battling them in Jesus name and immediately they surfaced and revealed they had been gaining access through her life by a variety of ways: submitting to unholy laying upon of hands of a pastor, unholy soul ties, taking the name of the Lord in vain (all it took was uttering one blasphemy resulting in demonic invasion), and receiving word curses. Some of the demons explained that they were also holding her gifts, her calling and her dreams. No wonder she was rendered ineffective; the demons had essentially neutralized her. 

Some of the demons revealed they had been keeping her from getting married and having children (she’s 40 years of age and wanting a family). The demons boasted– that nobody in decades of church attendance– ever took the time to minister to this woman. This is a spiritual crime. This precious lady whom I’ll refer to as Cindy was shocked and also dismayed that nobody ever took the time to conduct a spiritual test to determine if there were demons within her life. My heart hurts when I saw Cindy cry as she was baffled to why no one within the church ever took the time to intervene. She knew she had problems but nobody would take the time to assist her. Within a few decades of church attendance you would think at some point some minister would have intervened. Not so.  

Within a few minutes I conducted the test and there were more than 15 Jezebel spirits that surfaced. They were forced out in Jesus name and were told to release the broken heart parts that needed deep healing. Jesus was faithful to heal! After her deliverance Cindy was granted an opportunity to get a glimpse of the Lord Jesus. She was finally free after YEARS of demonic interference. 

Another precious saint was delivered from powerful spirits of death that had her literally in a choke hold. Some of the demons were even causing her to growl. They were driven out in Jesus name and she experienced a deep healing and freedom. There were others in the meeting hall that experienced deliverance and healing. Especially many witchcraft demons were expelled. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and was getting tired thereby having to dismiss everyone; even then souls pleaded with more deliverance ministry and intervention. 

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