Mormon Calls Upon Jesus –God in the Flesh

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Still here in Southern California with the family. Heading to Seattle in a few days for a public meeting. Was able to travel to Saint Catalina Island the other day –some 20+ miles off the coast of California. Even many Californians have never taken 1.5 hour boat ride to the island that has a Mediterranean feel to it. Been enjoying the time with the family.

Before sharing the awesome miracle that took place earlier today; just wanted to let everyone know that we are beginning to utilize a mass email service to better distribute our weekly email updates so check to ensure these email updates are not in your spam folders.

As many of you know we are at our core –evangelistic. Yes, we are involved, extensively, in the healing and deliverance ministry however we are always centered in bringing lost souls to Jesus! When I committed to serving Jesus, more than a quarter of a century ago, one of the first tasks placed upon me by the Holy Spirit was to evangelize. As a young teenager I began to share the good news of Jesus on the streets; leading many to salvation. Months after my dramatic conversion God sent me overseas on a mission to the West Indies where I was first introduced to open air preaching. A older evangelist by the name of Jerry mentored me and sent me out to preach in Rastafarian dominated bars. I would literally stand in the middle of the bar, late in the evening, and share my testimony. I would then offer an invitation to surrender to Jesus. Many were saved on those nights. That hunger has never been lost. Seeing souls saved is my heart and nothing has changed in all of these years. We have seen tens of thousands surrender to Jesus Christ, over the years, on 6 continents of the world.

We preach in large open air meetings where tens of thousands are present and we preach to the individual on the streets. Our heart is for lost souls to find freedom in Jesus. It’s really that simple. One of our extensions of the mission is to those enslaved to false religions, cults and those in the occult. We have seen many Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, Witches, Satanists, Jehovah Witnesses, and many other cultists find salvation. One sect we have reached out to with great success is the Mormons. Commonly known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), the Mormons are evangelistic too. They are often found throughout the globe reaching millions with their false message. 

It’s been amazing to see, through the years, the Holy Spirit bring many Mormons along my path. Today was no exception. I received a urgent request for spiritual help on our mission toll free line and was able to contact the individual. Michelle, a twenty-something, young lady, was terribly afflicted with demons and wanted help. As I talked with her I discovered she had been raped, immersed in the Mormon church (participating in Mormon ceremonies), occult background, addictions, and so much more. My heart yearned to see this young lady find healing. I began to share the love of Jesus with her and her heart quickly opened up.

“I know you believe in God but have you ever been born again?” I inquired in love.

“No, but would like too,” she responded with a heart very open to the love of God.

I’m convinced many souls enslaved to cults, metaphysical sects, and the occult are wanting to experience the love of God and if we take a moment and channel God’s love to their heart; incredible spiritual shifting occurs deep within them that will allow the gospel to be planted. As was the case with Michelle with her Mormon background. 

As I spoke with her you could easily tell her heart was melting; you could hear her crying. 

“Finally, someone believes me. Someone understands. You are the first one to understand.”

I encouraged her to pray and she readily agreed. I had her affirm Jesus as being God in the flesh (note: Mormons deny the deity of the Lord Jesus thus the need to affirm this essential). She also renounced the Mormon beliefs. On this day, she peacefully entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! She was so happy and peaceful. She was extremely grateful too that I took the time to minister to her. There will be a time for the ministry of deliverance and inner healing but the first and most important step was taken –her decision to follow King Jesus. She will sleep well tonight in the arms of Jesus.

My brother and sister in Christ, we need to introduce lost souls to Jesus. I’m always being challenged by the Holy Spirit to win more souls to Jesus. As Proverbs teaches, “He who wins souls is wise…”

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