Encountered & Defeated Devil(s) in Los Angeles

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night we conducted another powerful public deliverance service at the Temple of Salvation, here in Los Angeles, California, where many souls gathered from to hear God’s Word and to receive the ministry of deliverance. I was honored to teach from the Scriptures for a few hours and then led everyone in partaking of the blood and body of Jesus. After partaking of the blood and body of Jesus we began to minister to the captives. Immediately, demonic spirits surfaced: spirits of sex, death, murder, Jezebel and Baal. This within a young woman named Jennifer. For over an hour I battled a number of spirits that were literally wanting to destroy her life. 

“We are not leaving. We love being in this body!” the demonic spirits screamed at me, “We just want to stay a little longer within her.”

I utilized a number of spiritual weapons to weaken the demons that were, at first, fighting me, with great intensity. 

“We have been within her family bloodline for more than two thousands years. We entered her father’s ancestors as they sacrificed humans and animals. They were involved in murder and killing,” the invading spirits informed me.

These powerful evil spirits had only gained strength by remaining untouched through the generations. Jennifer, was perhaps, one of the first believers in her family to confront these ancient curses and demonic beings that trafficked within the ancestral blood. This would be reason why the spirits fought back so fiercely because they held spiritual claim for so long and didn’t want to lose that opportunity to travel further down the bloodline to future generations. 

Moreover, many of these unholy spirits held captive numerous parts of her heart. Jennifer’s heart had been shattered because of her childhood abuse and trauma that resulted in her dissociating –little heart parts were created to contain the hurt, the trauma, and the pain so Jennifer wouldn’t have to carry all of this incredible inner suffering all her life. I commanded the demons to release the heart and they did. I spoke and communicated love and compassion to so many little ones that ranged from ages of 3 to teenage parts. All of them were sent to Jesus for healing and restoration and sent back to her heart to be unified. 

Though the demons fought me they were defeated on this night of deliverance and were sent screaming loudly to that pit in Jesus name! As the demons released this woman everyone could see the real Jennifer emerge from the demonic trance and the SMILE. This is a fruit of deliverance –the peaceful smile said it all. She finally found some hope and freedom. Everyone rejoiced with this precious woman who had just been freed from ancient demonic beings that had been hell-bent on destroying her life. Now this young mother can move on with life in the power of the Holy Spirit and not the power of demons! 

After this powerful exorcism; we encountered the devil.

This was only the beginning as we continued through the night. I noticed, while leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers, precious souls were being liberated from spirits. One lady in her 50’s, who was present was being terribly vexed by demon powers and said so. They were crawling within her body and generally tormenting her. I confronted these tormenting spirits in Jesus name. They surfaced from within Brenda and contorted her body horribly. With a wild demonized look the demons screamed at me with hatred for holy things. They were extremely upset they had been exposed.

“Our name is Devil,” the demonic spirits informed me, “We are here to torment her, to give her pain!”

Demons draw pleasure from giving God’s people pain as did this spirit named Devil. Obviously, this wasn’t the devil himself but rather a demon that was granted the right within Satan’s kingdom to take the name –Devil– no doubt as a result of faithful service to the kingdom of darkness over the generations. This devil spirit was destroyed as I called the holy angels of God to assist me in warring against this powerful devil being. I had the angels draw their swords and strike the invading demons within this precious mother. The demons groaned in agony as they were brought down low in defeat. 

I also used another weapon –the holy oil. I placed some on my hand and immediately felt the fire of God and then threw some of oil upon my hand in the direction of the demons and they reacted in great pain as God was punishing them and judging them. The fire of God was literally burning up the demons. It was also discovered that these devil spirits had entered through the bloodline because of ancestors sins of fornication and perversion. I had Brenda renounce these generational curses and immediately the demons were exposed to the fact that they no longer had anymore rights to stay. We continued to battle the devil spirits in the power of the Holy Spirit –at one point having them hold my sacred cross which drained them of spiritual power. It was amazing to witness these so-called powerful spirits cower at the sight of the cross. There is power in the cross of Jesus Christ! It holds the keys to victory. 

I had all of these tormenting and devil spirits take all of the curses and diseases they placed upon this woman such as bone cancer, high blood pressure, various painful afflictions and commanded all of it to come out of her body in Jesus name! The demons screamed out of her and entered the pit in Jesus name! Yes, we encountered the devil(s) here in Los Angeles however they were defeated by the all-powerful Lord Jesus Christ! 

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