Epic Breakthroughs Spanning 13+ Hours

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

The testimonies keep on flowing into the mission. As I mentioned in my last email update, this last North American mission was wildly successful in that many souls were brought to Jesus for salvation, millions of demons cast out, broken hearts healed, and bodies repaired. Moreover, many hundreds of saints are now equipped to carry on the works of the Kingdom! In our last service, for more than 13 hours, we battled the demonic seeing many souls encountering epic spiritual breakthrough in their lives, marriages and ministries! Having the Body of Christ unified in love was really special to witness. 

Meeting after meeting , throughout the earth, disciples are sharing with me how they have incorporated what we have demonstrated, in public, in their ministry to others. They have discovered it works. So many people are being freed from evil spirits in Jesus name through our mission partners from around the world. Many thousands, every year, are being set free from demonic afflictions from those who we have trained. In our last few missions we have heard many testify of this reality thus encouraging our hearts greatly! Moreover, many are incorporating what we teach in their own lives and many are encountering a deep work of self-deliverance; as many demons are being expelled from one’s life!

One precious saint from Australia, who is enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center, shared this with me:

“I would like to take this time to personally thank you Jay for all the great work that you do as a result of your ministry. I have consecrated a cross and wear it all the time and when I’m in worship ministry while the others are getting sick, sickness can’t touch me. As a result of partaking in the sacrament of Holy Communion properly; I personally taught my children that the grape juice actually turn to blood and it has power. The amount of self deliverance I’ve gotten from that is incredible. I have received complete deliverance, as a result of being under your mission studying. Praise Jesus the prophetic anointing is incredible; I see things before they happen now thank you so much to your yielding to the Holy Spirit and bring deliverance training to the body of Christ in Australia.”

Another precious disciple, in Northern California, who has received incredible ministry from our mission, reported this:

 “Hi Jay, this is Angie, from the Northern Californian meeting. There are so many things I would like to share with you but I will do that at a later time. But this one thing cannot wait —the Lord has told me to tell you thank you from HIM for delivering me. It means so much to Him. The Lord is so happy with you!”

Jesus is really blessing us in many ways; He seems to be happy with us. This pleases me more than anything; as I want to honor HIM!

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