UNREAL: Jesus Miracles on Halloween

Dear Friends of Jesus,

As many of you know I have safely arrived back home from a very lengthy mission journey where we witnessed the mighty works of the Holy Spirit. Stunning, thrilling, powerful! The testimonies I’m receiving from Canada and throughout the United States are amazing! Like this one:

“Pastor Jay, Forgive this lengthy message but I had to testify. I am the lady that drove to the Atlanta conference on Halloween from Mississippi. Thank you, Man of God, for persisting in helping me to get an epic breakthrough over the heavy evil bondage in my life. I fasted for a miracle in October and The Lord moved mightily on the last day of October. I have suffered much for years and years. God is continuing to move in delivering more layers!!! I felt some tightness in my head this morning and followed the principles you taught Saturday night and casted out: 

1 Sinus disease that came by fear, doubt, and unbelief

2 A human interject (my aunt Loretta) was sent to Jesus. She is still alive so I do not know how she came

3 Maternal granddad that died from brain stroke (sent him to Jesus) it caused headaches because he bumped his head after he fell

4.A Spirit called “venomous spiders”

5.Kami Spirit ( I looked this name up and it was a Japanese god)

6 Ancestor part named Ida May That lost a son through a dynamite explosion 

7 Phobias ( I was able to breath clearer when they left!!!)

8 A monitoring spirit

9 A lizard spirit

Unreal- Glory to God!!!!!!!!!”

This precious sister in the Lord (pictured above with her husband) had been desperate for deliverance for many months. She had been fighting and God directed her to our exorcismblog.com site. That site opened her eyes and she made the decision to attend our mission. This woman; along with her husband are Godly people and were serious about obtaining a Jesus miracle thus their 6+ hours of driving to our recent Atlanta mission.

She attended every service we held and soaked everything up. She was hungry as was everyone else. I’m really grateful for the opportunity I had to teach and equip the Body of Christ in Georgia. I’m already making plans on scheduling another series of larger public meetings.

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