Jammed Packed Hall Witness Extraordinary Jesus Miracles in Miami

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m seeing a definite opening of the ministry into South Florida. Our public meetings in Fort Lauderdale, in West Palm Beach and in Miami have been intense and extraordinary. We have seen multiple souls experience the power of Jesus! Earlier tonight, here in Miami, Florida, we witnessed more souls encounter salvation, healing and deliverance from demons. I’m fired up with the Holy Spirit as a result! It’s hard to believe it’s well after 3:30am. HA!

As you can see, I LOVE serving Jesus and His church. We are seeing so many disciples being equipped to carry on the works of the Kingdom. Tonight, I sensed a genuine hunger and enthusiasm among the people of God. In fact, the meeting hall was jammed packed, the hotel staff had to bring in extra chairs on two different occasions so we might be able to accommodate all of the people arriving to receive a miracle.

Though, I’m fired up, I’m also dismayed as the love offerings during this Florida mission have been dismal. If it wasn’t for a core group of mission partners that love Jesus and me (and my family) I would be terribly hindered. We need more disciples giving generously to this global mission. No wonder global evangelization is lacking. The world needs to the FULL GOSPEL –preaching of the gospel, healing the sick and driving out demons! Consider giving today by clicking here.

I’m sorry by digressing…moving on…tonight was indeed, extraordinary. Jesus appeared to some in the meeting hall. Incredible angelic miracles took place. Stunning miracles of deliverance and healing took place in the lives of the hurting. Souls were saved by Jesus!

Speaking of the salvation of souls; those two young people, pictured with me above, came to the meeting hoping to find freedom from demonic spirits. Moreover, they were opened to receiving from God. After teaching from the WORD I asked those who had assembled in the meeting hall if anyone needed to be born again –both of these individuals quickly raised their hands and opened their lives to King Jesus!

My friends, in most of our Florida meetings we have seen souls won to Jesus! Someone remarked to me earlier how blessed we are –to consistently see hurting people surrender to Jesus, to witness powerful exorcisms and to see so many miraculously healed of various ailments and afflictions. We are, indeed, blessed. Thank you JESUS!

So, these young people were saved. Then minutes later demons surfaced from within them. Within her? Demons of Santeria. We discovered her family is involved in Santeria and the occult. Within him? Demons of violence. We discovered he was very violent, at one point, in life. These acts of evil opened up their lives to evil spirits. I’m grateful we were here to intervene.

As soon I began to pray for those who needed deliverance, powerful demons within Maria surfaced.

“There’s legions of us,” the demons of Jezebel, Santeria and Lucifer boasted to me, “Her ancestors participated in Satanism! Hundreds of years ago they cut sheep in the midst of some blood rituals.”

As the demons revealed their secrets; I battled them. I called forth the holy angels of God and they assisted me greatly. They brought out their swords and spears and struck the invading demons. They groaned in defeat. Moreover, I called forth the holy fire of God and the fire descended from the heavens and burned the demons. They were engulfed with flames. I also utilized my CROSS of DELIVERANCE and they were devastated by the power of Jesus as they touched the cross. It was too great for them.

In the midst of battling the demons, a little 6 year old broken heart part quickly surfaced and spoke to me. So much grief and sorrow. It was horrible. I asked the little broken heart part about seeing Jesus to be healed.

“YES, YES, YES, PLEASE,” the 6 year old girl cried out to me, “Please take me to Jesus.”

Within SECONDS Jesus appeared and the tormenting pain she had been carrying was GONE! Jesus healed this little one and many others. She was ready to be one with Maria’s heart and was supernaturally healed.

I then proceeded to drive out the many thousands of demons within her body and mind. They quickly departed and flew into the pit in Jesus name. Maria afterwards was so happy and her smile said it all. Since she was a new convert, I handed her my little Bible. She was deeply appreciative. I see her going far in life with Jesus as her Lord.

Maria’s boyfriend also encountered a mighty deliverance of the demons of violence. He wasn’t alone, so many others were freed from demonic torment and bondages. We also witnessed many souls being healed physically. I hope to share in the days to come. Jesus is truly blessing our seminars and meetings.

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