Russian Meetings Exploded with Power! God SAVED Me!

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

As I mentioned in my last email report I held some meetings in Los Angeles where I was up until –I believe– was 4 or 5 am then I caught a flight to Seattle, Washington. From Seattle I drove some hours into the Bellingham area which is nestled among the North Cascades Mountains. From Bellingham I drove into a small Russian community in the Maple Falls area, as my hosts Victor and Valentina, organized all of these meetings believing many would be free. It was here in Maple Falls we experienced the incredible power of God to deliver souls from satanic bondage.

It was well after 7pm when I arrived and for 8-9 hours I preached, led everyone in Holy Communion, prayed for the sick and cast out evil spirits in Jesus name! For hours I taught from the Scriptures and this Russian home church was hungry for the deeper things of God. What was truly remarkable was this: for more then 8-9 hours no-one left the church meeting. THINK ABOUT that for a moment! These dear Russians were desperate for deliverance and healing. God did not disappoint at all!

The entire home was FILLED to capacity! There were people looking on with great interest in multiple rooms of this large home hoping to hear the Word being preached. Not only did I preach the Word I also allowed for the demonstration of the power of God to be manifested.

The first lady that manifested demonic spirits was a young woman perhaps in her early 20’s that shook violently. Her back arched in the most unusual position when I began to pray over her while she sat in her chair. While the demons arched her back in a twisted manner, simultaneously the demons moved her backwards while she sat on her chair, attempting to get as far from here as possible as I began to anoint her with sacred oil. The evil demons shook her body and battled me. However in Jesus name all of these spirits were expelled and immediately a HUGE smile could be seen on her face that literally lit up the room! She cried for joy as she KNEW she had just been released from these evil forces by the love of Jesus. She testified with her parents nearby and gave God the glory.

This young woman’s dramatic exorcism opened the door for many other Russians to experience the power of Jesus in their lives. Many were set free and healed.

Even well after the meeting was over many Russians pleaded me for prayer and deliverance. I was swarmed with requests for deliverance. Again where was the church? Why are all of these people demonized? Isn’t local churches casting out demons? You and I know the answer: a resounding NO! This is the problem I see all over the globe. Very few churches are conducting deliverance meetings to assist those suffering under the power of Satan thus you have great numbers not walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

I think it was perhaps 4am or even later before I left the meeting. Even then there were dozens still needing prayer. This entire mission was filled with requests for healing and prayer. Hardly an hour went by when I didn’t receive a call or email from those seeking freedom from demons. I am learning to set some limitations as I’m only human. Even my good friend, evangelist Bill Thomas, recently inquired, how do I keep such an extensive schedule. Only by the grace of God and learning to say no at times. Which is extremely difficult for me to do, truth be told. I want to yes to everyone needing prayer but I know it’s not possible as I have my physical, spiritual, emotionally limitations.

After leaving the Russian home church I started down some of the mountains. It was extremely foggy and visibility was perhaps only a few feet. I was fatigued (I had perhaps a total of 2 hours of sleep in the prior few days) and driving under such conditions. Not good. At some point I fell asleep at the wheel and my car drifted off (I do not even recall the car drifting off the road). I was jolted by God, I looked up and saw I was only a foot, perhaps, from a guard rail. This is how people end up getting killed. God truly saved me on this night!

The next day I conducted more meetings. One at Victor and Valentina’s beautiful home and another meeting as the large Harvest International Church. Both meetings were well attended. In fact the Harvest International Church was so kind to open up their rather large auditorium for us to hold the public meeting to meet the needs of the people. Again in both meetings many were delivered from evil spirits and healed. One amazing Holy Spirit event was when a 27 year old woman who had not spoken in years (her mother testified of this while up front: “She has not talked in years.”) came to the meeting at the request of her mother. I recall how I asked the young woman questions and she would not respond (I didn’t know she was mute). Finally someone told me: Jay she doesn’t speak!

Well, I refused to believe this! I brought her up to the front and asked the mother why she believed she was like this.

“Well, years ago while attending school, a Satanist, who was one of her teachers, I believe, placed a curse upon her and since then she has had mental illness and not been able to talk.”

You could clearly see that this young lady was suffering from insanity. One look into her eyes spoke of this reality and her body was limp and unresponsive to touch too!

(By the way, I have seen an enormous amount of people here in Washington with mental challenges, spirits of madness and physical deformities which I believe is a result of this part of the nation opening MANY powerful doors to demons)

I took this young lady by her hands and looked right into her face and told her she was beautiful. Immediately a HUGE smile lit up her face! Her mother started crying as she revealed that she had not seen her daughter smile in YEARS! YEARS, my friends! I confront the satanic curse and expelled the mute demons from her along with the spirits of madness.

I think it’s time we become loving people…..we need to love one another…..speak loving words to each other, to your kids, to your husband and wife, to your mom and dad, to your friends. Love never fails!

In this case, love healed! I told her she was worthy of God’s love and spoke words of love to her! I asked her to pray with me and she did! She spoke. A lady who had not spoken in years was now speaking freely without any hindrance!

So many others were supernaturally healed and delivered!


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