Miracles of Jesus, Death Threats & Midnight Road Blocks


Greetings on this Good Friday. As expected the enemy is furious with all of this attention on the historical fact that the Lord Jesus Christ has risen from the dead! I haven’t been up long and have already been repeatedly told I am a “devil,” by those whom despise the mission.

I have safely arrived back home from this latest international mission journey and am resting with the family. Just in the past 25 days I have been on the road for 21 of those days traveling into Europe, the Caribbean and throughout North America conducting more than 20 meetings resulting in thousands of souls being impacted with the good news of Jesus. In every meeting, we witnessed mighty miracles of Jesus –hundreds of souls delivered from demons and healed of infirmities and of a broken heart. Some of the miracles were extraordinary in that God’s holy angels assisted us in ministering to those enslaved to demon powers. 

On this mission I was violently assaulted. I was spat upon, had Holy Communion thrown at me, and was physically attacked. Moreover, many demons have threatened me. I receive death threats from the seen and unseen realms quite often and God is true. He sustains me.

Since arriving from this latest mission journey I have marveled at the amazing testimonies from those who have been delivered and healed as a result of the mission work. Some of the testimonies are quite unique. Such as this one below. One lady actually located some video of me driving out demons named Legion out of a woman in Portland, Oregon and used the video to stir things up within her ex-husband. Read for yourself:

“Jay–When my demonized ex-husband became unconscious with Vicoden, wiskey and an Ambiean I turned you on the 72inch television with surround sound on and you were casting Legion out of a woman, my exhusband started to violently shake and convulse and contort then he sat up and said he had to leave he could not stay, then he came to his right mind. I thought if he could stay in the dream state for a while Jesus and you could set him free but he came to.  It was working and worth the try. I believe the demons woke him up, we are going to come to see you when God opens the door. You are a powerful man of God!  The devils are on the run when you open your mouth.  We will watch you more!”

I just love that last part –the devil are on the run when you open your mouth! HA!

That is why they tried so hard to shut me up with the various vocal cord issues I was challenged with. W/hen I open my mouth I command demons to depart in Jesus name! This is why we also video some of our exorcisms as it is used of the Holy Spirit to reach many (I can recount scores of people of being delivered as a result of watching the various testimonies and exorcisms we have filmed). Click here to view some of the incredible testimonies: http://www.jaybartlett.org/videos.php

Another means of reaching many and equipping the saints is through our Freedom Fighter International Training Center. More than 100 students from 5 continents have enrolled and taking the  more than 100 courses offered. By the way, our first group of students –from Africa, Australia, the Middle East and North America– have been graduating and receiving their certifications. The testimonies we receive from our students are astounding. Allow me to share one I received the other day:

“Hallelujah to Jesus! I finished the intermediate section of the Freedom Fighters and I must say it was a blessing. God has Instilled into my heart many of the truths you spoke of regarding the sacraments and it was a joyous affirmation to me that God has been talking to me for years despite the teachings that surrounded me. Yesterday our Church held an evening communion and directly from the front it was mentioned that the sacrament was a remembrance only however I went beyond the traditions of men and claimed all of the scriptures regarding the body and blood. I partook of the actual transformed body and blood of Christ and I took it in remembrance as well as according to Christ’s command as His body and blood . I felt empowered and much more blessed than ever before . I know that theology from times past is good to study but men have made many mistakes in the attempt to please God according to the interpretations they make in the flesh. I am ever pleased with all I have learned Jay and there are many mighty days of revelation ahead as I continue to be transformed Into the likeness of Christ. What a Glorious , Magnificent and  Sufficient God we serve.”

This is an aspect of the training that precious souls are being deeply encouraged by –our belief in the miraculous when it pertains to the sacraments. I believe our faith is a miraculous one and that extended into the sacraments of the church such as Holy Matrimony and Holy Communion. I would encourage and welcome you to be a part today of our training. Many dozens are now going forth in the power of the Holy Spirit. If you have not joined then join today. Click here to register: http://www.ifreedomfighter.org/freedom_fighter.php

Then obviously, our public seminars and meetings are reaching many thousands, in dozens of cities, every year. In fact, already this year, thus far, I have traversed on 4 continents –Asia, Europe, Australia and North America– praying, ministering deliverance and preaching to many thousands in churches, open air meetings and in our seminars. Already many hundreds have been set free from demons and healed of various infirmities. We are evangelistic at the core and in nearly every public meeting souls are being won to Jesus. We are reaching many unbelievers. Read a report from one I just received today:

“Hi, I am the fellow attended the Vancouver seminar, because my cousin who was ‘dewormed’ at your London event; he had asked me to attend.  As I am not a true Christian, let alone a true believer, I did not stay too long, just enough to witness the meeting. I was impressed with your compassion and sincerity, as my cousin had mentioned. I am a person who would like it to be true that there be a loving compassionate god, however I have zero faith, just positive wishes for those who do indeed have faith, may it aid them; and if they believe they have demonic possession or infestation, then I wish them every success in expelling such. If I believed or had such, you are the devotee whom I would seek out. I think you are doing good work and doing no harm.”

WOW!!! My heart was really touched. Many testify of our meetings being marked with compassion, love and sincerity. This has been my heart’s desire to see this conveyed and hearing it directly from a unbeliever deeply encourages me. I think I get more personal attacks from those who profess Jesus then those outside of the faith. After attending our meetings many actually email me afterwards and apologize for having misunderstood me and my intentions. I try to tell (and display) everyone –with a humble heart– that I’m not a terrible person. I truly love souls and would like to help people find freedom and yet many still personally attack.

Speaking of public meetings the host pastor in Haiti sent these pictures (see below) of me praying for those tormented by demons; that literally rushed to the platform pleading for intervention. Not the best of pictures but at least you’ll get some sense of our mission there. The last pictures includes some of the pastors I ordained and some of the many orphans receiving a meal that we provided.

It should be noted that God was truly protecting and giving us favor during our mission into Haiti as we experienced few travel difficulties which I was concerned about initially. I was warned by even the Haitians about traveling outside the city after dark and yet God gave us ability to travel unhindered. One night, well after midnight, as we were traveling back to the hotel from our open air meeting, we must have been stopped a half dozen times or more by the national police, as there were numerous roadblocks erected on the main roadways. Each time, we were processed quickly without incident. Trust me these roadblocks can be troublesome. I have had some bone-chilling late night encounters with the military and police in Africa and in Haiti in previous mission but not this time. What favor God provided. 

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