Vancouver: Jammed Packed Crowd Witnesses Millions of Demons Defeated

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last night in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, at the Empire Landing Hotel & Conference Centre we held two meetings. For 4 hours I taught from the Scriptures in our “Removing Demons, Healing Hearts Seminar,” then for another 6+ hours I ministered healing and deliverance to many souls who gathered to encounter the risen Jesus!


I have been very impressed with the overwhelming turnout in our last three meetings here in British Columbia. Actually, I have been shocked with the response and spiritual hunger of the people. I’m definitely, by God’s grace,

returning later in the year to hold even more meetings. Some of the exorcisms I have been conducting have been off the charts. Millions of evil spirits have been commanded into the pit in Jesus name. Dozens have been encountering the power of Jesus –in salvation, healing and deliverance.


It’s been beautiful to witness Jesus set the captives free. Even in our training seminar souls were experiencing freedom and healing. Then last night, during our public deliverance service, even more souls were powerfully delivered. One middle aged lady who was present, with her husband, who had been struggling with an addiction to smoking, experienced a instantaneous deliverance as I taught and ministered to others.


It was very strange. The demons exited her body and hovered in the meeting hall for some minutes –everyone could SMELL the strong odor of nicotine. Eventually it totally departed the service and the lady was so very relieved and joyful to know God had set her free. Others testified of encountering the supernatural healing presence of God in our services –pains, afflictions and maladies disappeared!


One lady, perhaps in her late 60’s, was dramatically healed and liberated by Jesus during our evening meeting. The first spirit that surfaced was the demon of infirmity. It spoke to me angrily:


“We have been here for 420 years!” the evil spirits boasted to me, “No one has ever confronted us until tonight! We hold her heart, we bring sickness and pains.”


Here’s another case where demons have resided in a bloodline for centuries without ever being confronted. I see this many hundreds of times through the year. We also discovered there were spirits of Molestation (more than 1000+ of them).


“We are here because she has violated!” the spirits informed me, “We tell her she’s not worthy of God’s love. We also hold her eyes and bring blindness.”


I took off this woman’s glasses and handed them over to her husband who was assisting me in her deliverance. I just knew God was going to heal her (and HE DID)!


Not only was the spirits of infirmity and molestation present but also spirits of Jezebel (this demon boasted how he had been in the ancestral bloodline for thousands of years). Turns out Jezebel had spiritually married her too.


“We not only married her; to torment her but also to bring obesity, tiredness, high blood pressure, spiritual heaviness, sleep apnea and deafness,” Jezebel forcefully explained to me.


As the exorcism continued on many more demons surfaced including the demon named Mammon (been seeing this spirit surfaced more than ever in more than 28 years of ministry). Mammon was there because of ancient blood rituals that were participated in by her ancestors. Mammon wasn’t alone however. There were thousands of demonic spirits named Lucifer too. These powerful demons were present because her ancestors thousands of years ago participated in idol-worship and human sacrifice –seeking wealth and power.


All of these wicked spirits were demolished in the name of Jesus! All of them were sent to the pit in Jesus name. Instantly, this precious saint testified of being able to SEE clearly without the aid of her glasses! Moreover, the deafness disappeared too along with the all of the other afflictions. Many heart parts were healed too by the Savior! Jesus once again displayed His awesome might!


That was only one exorcism I conducted. We conducted many more –ALL NIGHT LONG! One lady was delivered of millions of Hindu spirits. A Russian man was powerfully freed from spirits of Jezebel and Mammon too! I could go on and on. It’s been staggering. Again on this night more super-human feats were taking place. I’m looking forward to sharing very soon what has been taking place in our meetings that will stun you!


Victory is MINE Saith the Lord!

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