Encountering Healing Miracles in Houston

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a very long day. Flew into Dallas, Texas, from Florida, then drove several hours down to Houston, Texas where we conducted another public mission. Souls assembled desiring to experience the freedom in Jesus. One precious lady came to our meeting and testified of attending one of our meetings in San Francisco six months ago and shared that in that meeting she became a born again Christian. It was encouraging to hear.


This small Jesus mission has seen so many souls won to Jesus Christ over the years. We have been able to reach millions with the gospel with our websites, videos, media appearances, missions and other extensions that have reached into more then 150+ nations of the world. So many souls are responding to the salvation call of God. An honor to serve the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Earlier tonight, many souls received deliverance and healing by simply being present in the meeting hall. Demons came out of many bodies and minds. One lady we ministered to, whom I’ll refer to as Kathy, was miraculously healed of more then 12 long years of physical pains. Kathy was so filled with joy and laughter after her deliverance from demons. What a beautiful encounter she had with Jesus. Allow me to share.


After leading everyone in Holy Communion, the Holy Spirit prompted me to minister to Kathy. Numerous demons surfaced as I began to pray for her; numerous spirits of death.


“We have been here for thousands of years,” the spirits of death revealed to me, “We bring diabetes, rejection, fear, thyroid problems, infirmities of all sorts.”


Later on I discovered so much more. Kathy had been, in her words, “excruciating pain,” for twelve long years! That’s a very long time to be in that kind of torment and pain. I just knew Jesus would heal her on this night.


As I battled the demons, we also found out that there were many little dissociative identities. They were guided to Jesus and Jesus spoke to them. He (Jesus) even remarked that I was a friend of His. That’s always comforting to know Jesus thought of me as a friend. I want to be a friend of Jesus.


By the power of the Lord Jesus Christ I commanded all of the demonic spirits out of Kathy and all of her infirmities. They departed and she was immediately healed –she could NO LONGER feel any more physical pain. All praise to Jesus our GREAT healer!


After her deliverance Kathy was SO HAPPY and was filled with God’s peace and joy. What a beautiful life Jesus has given her. So many bodies, minds and hearts healed on this night by Jesus!

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