Egyptian & Iraqi Ancient Demons Crushed in Santa Ana!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in Santa Ana, California, where, last night, we conducted a meeting where precious souls gathered to hear the WORD and to receive ministry. We had another jammed packed meeting hall. In fact, we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate those who were assembling for our public meetings. 

After teaching from the WORD, I felt we needed to direct our attention to those whom were broken in heart. There were many. As I prayed for those in the meeting hall. Many heart parts were surfacing –little boys and little girls. One lady (pictured above) I felt the Holy Spirit directed me to was this precious woman whom I’ll refer to as Linda. Little dissociative identities (broken heart parts) were surfacing. So much grief and hurt. I reached out with compassion in Jesus name!

There was a little 6 year old, a 10 year old, and even a little unborn baby that surfaced. All of these little ones were hurting and in anguish. Horrible things transpired and fragmented the heart. All of them (there were many others) desired to enter into the healing presence of Jesus; so I guided them to the Savior. They were miraculously healed. Furthermore, I confronted the demon powers that were holding the little ones. They surfaced.

“We have been here for many years!,” the demons informed me, “There’s thousands of us because her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices –abortion.”

Guess who was the spirit behind this ancestral abortion? That’s right –JEZEBEL! That wicked witch who desires to kill. This demonic spirit, often times, spiritually energizes women, to go through abortions. There were thousands of these evil spirits within this woman. 

“Some of us came in because her ex-husband was in the Middle East (he served in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan) and because there was bloodshed we invaded,” a group of Middle Eastern demons informed me, “We entered her because of her oneness with him!”

During this exorcism, we also discovered there was an Egyptian demon named Malib within her and an Iraqi spirit named Ruset. Moreover, there were a group of demons named Wicca within her! 

Wicca is a witchcraft demon that had been sent to her by an African with the hopes of destroying her. All of these demons boasted they had brought physical afflictions to her and were holding onto her spiritual gifts, dreams and her destiny! The demons were forced to take off the shackles and chains in Jesus name! All of them were commanded into the pit! Linda was set FREE and healed by Jesus!

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