Jesus Rescued Souls in Houston!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last night’s service was challenging in many regards. Some spiritual opposition and hindrances however we pressed forward in the power of Jesus! As a result, souls were saved (including the young lady pictured with me above), miraculously healed (one young lady’s eyesight was healed, she was able to see without any black spots) and set free from demonic spirits.


One lady we spent considerable time ministering to was a young woman named Sarah. She found out about our ministry online and was determined to obtained freedom. While praying for her numerous demons surfaced including:

  • Death & suicide that went back 5 generations ago
  • Leviathan that brought mental torment and sicknesses
  • Lies that went back more then 6 generations as a result of her ancestors believing in falsehoods
  • Sabotage that were rooted on her father’s side
  • Violence & bloodshed that were rooted, generationally, more then 300 years ago
  • Abortion was present because her father tried to kill her by jumping up and down on the mother’s stomach
  • Witchcraft that held claim to her blood because of her ancestors participation in the occult
  • Pride was present because her ancestors indulged in blood sacrifices
  • Homosexuality was there because of the soul ties with her boyfriend

As you can see there were many demons within this woman. They SCREAMED out of her! The battled me! The SCREAMED how much they hated me and wanted to destroy this woman. This precious woman had been afflicted with so many infirmities and torments. It was sad to see. We intervened in Jesus name and commanded a multitude of demons out of her. They SCREAMED out of her into the pit!
We also encountered a human interject –her boyfriend. I forced him out in Jesus name! Again, last night, we encountered a number of human interjects (including one that was within the young lady that got saved; pictured with me above). We also encountered many dissociative identities too.
We communicated to so many! Many little girls. Many hurting soul parts that desperately needed Jesus! I gladly reached out to them and guided them to Jesus for healing. They were happy.
One demon that surfaced was named Murder! He was furious with me.
“YES, it was US that tried to kill her long ago!,” the spirits of murder revealed to me, “We are the ones that pushed her off some stairs while she was a little girl. We made her trip!”
Vile, disgusting demons! These destructive demons of murder were defeated and cast out in Jesus name! This young woman will need much more ministry however incredible work has started within her life and it was a joy to serve her!

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