Murderous Threat, Violence & Attacks During Passover Service in Houston!

It’s well after 3am and finally able to get back to the hotel to rest before leaving in a few hours back to Southern California to conduct more public services in Pasadena! For nearly 10 hours today I preached, drove out demons, prayed for the sick, and witnessed Jesus heal hearts!

We also ordained into the ministry two new pastors –Pastor Juan Ruiz from Los Angeles and Pastor John Ruth from Dallas! These warriors have been students of our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and were still casting out demons well after I left after the meeting hall. As I mentioned in my previous email —God is raising up a massive spiritual army!

My first meeting was a private ministry session with a lady from East Africa who had been terribly demonized. My prayer team ministered to this woman in the power of the Holy Spirit for hours. We encountered numerous ancient idol-worshipping spirits that her tribe honored and worshipped for thousands of years:

Lubaale –Chief ancestral spirit

Gulu –god of the sky

Kiwanuka –god of lighting and fire

Mukasa –god of the lakes

Dungu –god of hunting and forests

Walumbe –god of death and sickness

Ekitambo –the strongest of the gods

These were strong demons and they were aggressive. Many of them were rooted in human and animal sacrifices. They shook her body, vibrated her and convulsed her. They spoke out and were determined to battle me. I battled back in Jesus name! I brought forth my cross and holy oil and these items burned the demons thus greatly weakening them!

“We have been here for thousands of years because her ancestors honored us, offered sacrifices and participated in witchcraft,” the demon-god named Ekitambo revealed to me, “Some of the ancestors offered human sacrifices and indulged in eating humans.”

Sick. Nefarious. Hideous. No wonder the demons were so strong within this woman. Not only were there demons, there were also numerous soul invaders with this woman. We spoke to them and drove them out –many of them were involved in witchcraft and had sent her curses in an attempt to destroy her! Wicked.

She also had ancestral heart parts and her many heart parts that belonged to her. They were guided to Jesus for healing! It was beautiful to behold. She shared how she could see the LAMB of God and see vivid colors of HEAVEN! Amen! Afterwards this beautiful lady emailed me this report:

“Praise God! When I was driving home I noticed that I could love people that were difficult to love, I had the love of God in me, it was easy. I felt the presence of God that I have not felt for a while. Then later on I felt something going on in my emotions, I had mixed feelings, I could not tell what am feeling but it felt like feelings were being rearranged with in me. I felt something going on in my physical heart, in my head and stomach. I feel lighter. Thanks very much.”

Jesus has been rearranging some things in her physical and spiritual life! He’s performing some inner surgery and the result will be more healing and restoration.

I rested for a few moments then drove onward to our special public deliverance service at another location where our meeting hall was jammed packed with souls from all over the area desirous of deliverance and healing. I taught from the Holy Scriptures and before leading everyone in Holy Communion I was honored to lead more souls to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Then while leading everyone in the Passover Meal (Holy Communion) —demons violently erupted during our service. The demons were within a young man that had been participating in demon-worship and the occult. The demons threatened to KILL ME!

“We will KILL YOU!” the demons shouted out loud and spew out many profanities. This was only the beginning as many demons surfaced throughout the night and battled me. Some were extremely violent and during some of the exorcisms I was kicked (the demonic force with that kick was something but God swiftly healed me) and attacked.

In one exorcism several large men had great difficulty restraining one demonized woman that had very violent demons. Many demons were cast out. While the service went on, we had to fight some external wars.

The lights in the meeting hall went out a number of times. Then, next door to our meeting hall was a late night party where all night long we could hear the music thumping and vibrating the walls. It was extremely difficult to teach and minister in such circumstances. Horrible actually but I continued on in Jesus name! Many testified of feeling instant deliverance as we prayed and commanded demons to depart.

Even well after the meeting was over I was ministering to hurting souls. One lady I ministered to encountered deliverance and after her deliverance she could feel the love of Jesus very tangibly and felt God’s peace and comfort. She cried with joy. She’s pictured with me above. She was so happy afterwards.

So many miracles despite the many spiritual obstacles. Thank you my Houston friends for being patient in these spiritual battles. Please pray for our next meeting in Houston that God would grant us peace and favor –that the hindrances would be be destroyed in Jesus name!

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