Practitioner of Witchcraft Rescued by Jesus!

My heart is to rescue souls! I desire to see people who are in bondage obtain freedom through the love of Jesus! God has given me the desires of my heart and has allowed me to minister, personally, to tens of thousands of souls, with the good news of Jesus Messiah!

In our public meetings we have witches, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and those of various alternative spiritual backgrounds attend and often receive Jesus as Lord and Savior! In our recent seminars in British Columbia there were a number of individuals practicing witchcraft who attended our services. The lady pictured above confessed before all that she actually makes dream catchers which is a Native American witchcraft artifact that has enslaved millions over the years. Very dangerous occult device.

This woman, wasn’t fully aware of it’s spiritual dangers until attending our seminar. She was made aware and was willing to repent. She was powerfully set free from demons as a result! She had also been invaded by some soul invaders —her dad, her sister and others. Another case of soul invasion! We encountered so many in British Columbia that I have decided we will be returning in June 2016 for a series of public seminars and meetings with the hopes of reaching so many more!

This woman surfaced many evil spirits including some named “Devil.” He spoke to me viciously:

“We have been here for thousands of years because they honored me and worshipped me,” the demons boasted to me, “We will destroy her too as we have destroyed her ancestors!”

I battled the Devil demons and the numerous sicknesses and afflictions they had brought into this woman! They had been bringing pains and torments. Too numerous to recount here. I had the holy angels assist me and they greatly helped me. The holy angels drew out their mighty swords and struck the invading demons. The demons groaned and moaned in defeat!

Along with the demons were many heart parts. They were guided to Jesus and were supernaturally healed by God. Moreover, the soul invaders were removed and all of her pains were miraculously healed. After her exorcism, she exclaimed: “Jay, I feel no more pain! It’s gone!”

She was totally shocked by God’s power! Jesus healed and took her pain! He set her free from all the demons! She was so happy! From being a witchcraft practitioner to embracing the Savior! Love it!

Freedom Fighter DELIVERED from Demons!

In addition to the many miracles in our public seminars we are also seeing many miracles take place as people watch our videos, listen to our radio presentations and our Freedom Fighter International Training podcasts. I just received a powerful testimony of deliverance from a disciple who has been going through our training courses:

“Hi Pastor Jay, i just want to Praise Jesus and also thank you, for your Freedom Fighter courses that you have made available to me. I have been listening to the audio course nearly everyday and I am up to the Advanced Level.

Today, you spoke of being hidden in Christ and although we have attacks and threats (which you shared some of those personal threats), you refuse to be hindered by fear’s attacks. Then you prayed for the Holy Spirits release and immediately I felt the amazing power and love of the Holy Spirit and a part of a Scripture came to mind Psalm 23 “I shall fear no evil” and with it the revelation and power of God. I immediately wept and felt release as I declared “I shall fear no evil!!!” Since the birth of our son, I have been tormented with fears- I had an extended stay in hospital just after the birth and was very ill..and was demonically attacked (I believe one midwife was a witch), and since then have suffered daily onslaughts concerning fear/anxiety of losing my kids.

But I felt the power of God and my heart was healed and I felt strong in this area and now have no anxiety. I believe a demon of fear left me today- as I commanded it to “Go-in Jesus name.”

Praise Jesus! Thank you for your incredible sacrifice that you do each time you leave your family to fight satan and set precious souls free in Jesus Name!”

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