West Hollywood: Jesus Crushed Lucifer & Moloch!

Another beautiful evening of miracles in Los Angeles as we ministered at the Temple of Salvation last night. I taught from the Holy Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. Afterwards spiritual fireworks took place as tens of thousands of evil spirits surfaced and battled me.

They surfaced within a beautiful woman, named Tuesday, pictured with me above, with the fabulous smile. She has attended a few of our seminars and services and has received incredible deliverance. Tonight was no different, she received more and it was very intense. Through the night, we encountered:

22,000 spirits named Rebellion due to her ancestors indulging in idol-worshipping thousands of years ago

Thousands of spirits named Moloch that entered the blood as a result of family members participating in abortion and child-sacrifice

1,500 demons named Lucifer

Demons named Buddhism, Jehovah Witnesses & Humanism

We encountered more then a dozen soul invaders

We encountered more then 139 ancestral heart parts

As you can see we had our hands full. However, by God’s amazing grace, we were able to rescue this precious woman from demonic bondage!

They screamed at me and demanded that I leave her alone. They pleaded with me.

“She belongs to us! Why do you want her?” the many demons inquired of me, “She belongs to us! Leave us alone!”

We called forth the holy angels of God and many legions showed up in the sanctuary. Armies of holy angels arrived to assist me in spiritual warfare. In fact, at one point during this powerful exorcism they shouted at me:

“I want HIM (referring to Jesus) to leave,” the demons begged, “Why is it that you have so many holy angels. I KNOW who you are JAY! God is using you powerfully. ALL of us demons know of you! Why is it you have so many angels around you? You must have a powerful call!”

HA! The demons were shocked to SEE so many holy angels around me. I do, in fact, have many holy angels protecting me and I thank God for this. I need it! HA!

More importantly, I LOVED the fact that Jesus was present with us and the demons admitted it. Again, the loving Savior, present with us.

I asked the holy angels to strike the demons with their holy swords and to war against these many invading demons! They wore the evil spirits down and they were groaning in defeat! I also called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit to descend to burn the demons. Moreover, I utilized my cross of deliverance with greatly weakened the demons!

We also discovered that the demons brought numerous physical afflictions too:






Eye Maladies

Bone Diseases

All of these were forced out of her in the mighty name of Jesus! Furthermore, we guided the many ancestral heart parts to Jesus for healing. We also encountered numerous soul invaders. They surfaced and spoke to me. These human interjects were SHOCKED that they were in this woman.

There were numerous cousins, her dad, her mom, her aunt and many family members who were involved in the Jehovah Witnesses cult (a sect that outright rejects Jesus is God in the flesh). Interestingly enough, her brother’s baby named Indigo was within her and surfaced. I guided little baby to Jesus!

After all of the demons were commanded out of her and all off these many soul invaders were extracted out of her, Tuesday was FREED! It was beautiful. It was a battle however Jesus crushed His enemies!

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