Victorious Jesus Enjoyed Appearing in Voodooland, New Orleans!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have always enjoyed visiting festive New Orleans. Over the years, I have seen some stunning miracles take place here. I have conducted very large open air evangelistic events during the Mardi Gras festival –reaching tens of thousands of people with the gospel. I have also conducted some public deliverance services. Those have been quite small however we have seen some extraordinary miraculous events take place.

Though we were small in number, tonight’s seminar was extremely powerful –souls were freed from evil spirits, broken hearts were healed and many soul invaders removed in the name of Jesus. Moreover, I was able to teach from the WORD to equip the saints.

The Holy Spirit quickly directed me to minister to Lorena, pictured with me above, post deliverance! She had been watching our YouTube Channel videos and enjoys my teachings on the channel. She had been searching for someone to help her in the area of soul invasion but couldn’t locate anyone.

“Jay, I have searched and searched for someone to help me!” she desperately shared, “I went to church and sought out ministers but no one understands the reality of soul invasion. I have been waiting for you to come to New Orleans!”

She knew she had demons and soul invaders. Why? Because her family is involved in voodoo and witchcraft and she had been victimized by their spells and curses. She was needing immediate intervention. Thank God we are here in Voodooland to rescue souls from satanic captivity.

As I prayed over Lorena, demons surfaced and so did a handful of voodoo-infused soul invaders. Some were family, others were witches and warlocks that the family had contacted to attack


These witches and warlocks surfaced and were blasphemous and angry. They also boasted of their superior powers over me. They were willing to battle me.

“You mother %#@&*# can’t stop us,” the sorcerers angrily told me, “I hate Jesus and I hate Lorena. We will destroy her!”

I then had them embrace my holy cross and place it upon their heads. They were very nervous about this and when they did, their occult powers diminished and were forced out and sent to God. Lorena experienced some powerful soul invasion freedom! Then I commanded the voodoo and witchcraft spirits out of her. They screamed out of her, convulsed her body and departed for the abyss.

When Lorena re-surfaced, she kept on crying out to God, with deep despair.

“Why God did I have to suffer all of these years? Why? I felt like you abandoned me!,” Lorena cried out in prayer, “I want to SEE you! I have never been able to SEE you! Please reveal yourself to me!”

The Holy Spirit swiftly told me to tell Lorena to BE QUIET! HA! It was so clear what Jesus told me to say.

“Be quiet, sister. Jesus and His holy angels will appear to you and talk to you!”

Within seconds, peace fell upon Lorena and Jesus APPEARED!

“WOW! I see so many holy angels, there’s so many!” she excitedly told me, “WOW, I also SEE HIM –JESUS! He does appear!”

She was so happy and joyful. She then entered into the love, peace and presence of Jesus! What incredible healing took place as a result. Jesus spoke to her too and told her many things.

“Go and set my people FREE!” Jesus commanded her, among many other things!

Lorena has a mighty work to do for the gospel here in Louisiana and believe amazing reports to come from her in the days, weeks and months to come! She was so happy afterwards. Not only was she delivered from demons, soul invasion and witchcraft curses but she also encountered a miraculous physical healing. She testified of feeling no more pain anymore (she had been experiencing pain for a long time)! GONE!

Then on top of all of this –Lorena gets to SEE the Risen Savior and His holy angels. Can it get any better? Amazing miraculous events are taking place in our seminars. Jesus is appearing to people! I’m not making this stuff up –this is happening often. Jesus showed Himself to be more powerful. I get the strong sense, Jesus enjoyed displaying His extraordinary power tonight and showing up in our small seminar. New Orleans needs New Testament power encounters as this vibrant festive city is filled with the powers of voodoo.

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