Exorcisms in Voodoo-Land (New Orleans); Witchcraft Defeated!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Life is a blur at times. I’m constantly in motion. Visiting one city after another; all across this continent. I started this latest mission back a few weeks ago. I’m still on the road, preaching Jesus and driving out demons. From Canada to Alaska to New England to Voodoo-Land. Ha! This is what I call the city of New Orleans; as the city is drenched with occultism. I like the people, the architecture, the tasty food and the vibrancy of the city but despise the evil that lurks within the city. No mistake about it; it’s filled with the powers of voodoo! I know because earlier tonight I encountered the demons.

Over the years I have traveled into New Orleans and conducted very large scale evangelistic events. Especially during Mardi Gras. I have conducted numerous open air missions in the French Quarter, preaching the good news of Jesus, to tens of thousands of souls needing life. In my last visit, while I proclaimed the gospel, I was attacked by a mob –beer bottles and other hard objects were thrown at me in an attempt to injure me. God spared me. 

So, this time, I decided to conduct a public deliverance mission, as a number of believers have asked me to. So, from Boston, after a very late service, I was able to catch a few hours of sleep then boarded, yet another flight into New Orleans. I rushed to the hotel and led a public deliverance service in their small meeting hall. Though we were small in number; precious souls came great distances to find freedom! One lady traveled more than 6 hours to be present! While in Boston one family traveled more than 8 hours to be present. This isn’t unusual; we see this all the time!

I taught from the Holy Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. I then proceeded to pray for those afflicted with evil spirits. Almost immediately, a mother and daughter (pictured with me; post deliverance), manifested demons. They both began to go into some minor convulsions and the invading demons growled at me. The demons even spoke very differently. 

The mother had spirits of witchcraft. 

“We have been here because her ancestors practiced witchcraft and some of us were sent here. But, we hate it here. All this woman does is pray and talk about this Jesus,” the demons bemoaned, “We want to stop her but we can’t. We tried to scare her. One day, she left the house and we entered. We went into her closet and under her rug. We threw some things around, in the house, but when she returned back home; she wasn’t fearful. She fought us!”

We also discovered that some of these spirits of witchcraft had been sent to her.

“Don’t you understand, we are all over this city. We cause people to feel oppressed here. We used some of these people to send curses to her; to destroy her. But we are not able to get too far. She’s too strong,” the demons confessed. 

Moreover, we discovered that some of these witchcraft demons had been tormenting her, for years, by appearing to her throughout the day. They mentioned how they were attached to her eye lids; to ensure she would see them all day long. Tormenting spirits. 

I battled on the behalf of this dear 69 year old woman and commanded the demons to come out. To take all of the torments. They obeyed and they vomited out of her in Jesus name! She was so happy afterwards! She began to rejoice in praying in tongues and praised God for her deliverance. Furthermore, she testified that she felt lighter and could no longer see the tormenting spirits; that she had been battling for years! 

WOW! Jesus is the Liberator! This precious lady is ready to cast out demons from others! We also ministered to her daughter. She too, had witchcraft demonic spirits, that plagued her.

There were some deeply rooted witchcraft demons that were causing a number of physical problems and spiritual issues. They confessed to having been there a long time because of ancient idolatry; rooted in her Native American Indian heritage. One spirit, was identified by my dear pastor friend, Robert Jones, who oversees a church in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, who came to the meeting in support of the mission (along with some friends of ours, Arthur and Tiffany). The Holy Spirit told him it was a spirit named, “Black Hawk,” and the demons acknowledged their identity.

Black Hawk has been spiritually harassing this woman for a long time and admitted to being behind much of her afflictions. 

“We hold her spiritual gifts –teaching, preaching, healing and deliverance. We must stop her as she is a powerful woman of God!” the spirits warned me.

They had actually held this woman in spiritual slavery; binding her. They also held parts of her broken heart too. I spoke to them and released them to Jesus! Great inner healing took place too. During the exorcism, we found other spirits: like Incubus, fear, bitterness and many others. All of them were sent to the pit in Jesus name! As they came out of her; she was feeling great too! Both, actually, testified of experiencing physical healing of various ailments. too; along with their mighty deliverance.

Both of them are very excited about serving Jesus and said they will travel to my other meetings so they might help others! The mom was so happy; she kissed me and blessed me. This was a strong woman of God! She’s now released into freedom. Amen! 

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