San Francisco: 11 Year-Old Assists then is Freed from Demons!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As some of you might be aware the city of San Francisco is a spiritual hotbed for all kinds of evil. The Church of Satan was birthed there in the mid-1960’s, many secretive occult sects operate out of San Francisco along with a number of clandestine secret societies. Our global mission enjoys visiting these areas for the gospel. We have seen the Holy Spirit work powerfully in our public meetings in this area of the country. Moreover, my wife is from Northern California so it’s great to revisit and minister. We conduct several missions a year in this vibrant city and was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful turnout to our latest seminar there. We will return before too long!


This past weekend while in San Francisco, California, I ministered to many individuals and families that desperately needed intervention! One such family was this young man (only 11 years of age) and his father (pictured with me above). While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers I noticed this young man was convulsing. I stopped the prayers, for a moment, and began to minister to this eleven-year-old. Demons rose up and challenged me.


Speaking out of his mouth they were defiant at the beginning and told me they would not be leaving him. It was a demon of fear and torment. They entered him when he was a little child. Some of the demons that surfaced had entered this young man as a result of ancestral evil that was indulged in many years before his birth.


What made this exorcism remarkable was the fact that this 11 year old shared with everyone prior to the meeting that God had called him to be a pastor already! Isn’t this beautiful! We need to pray that this young warrior for Jesus and his family would be sustained and protected. Moreover, this 11 year-old before placing all of my attention to him was fully engaged in assisting me in driving out demons from others during this San Francisco seminar! Isn’t this amazing –young people, pre-teens in our meetings are helping me cast out demons in Jesus name!


In fact, prior to the service I received a email from his father who wrote of his personal need of deliverance. I wasn’t thinking his very own son needed the ministry too. Truth to be told, I was more focused on the father as he was pleading for ministry. He wrote of his need:


“Jay was good to see you last Saturday in LA. For the last 6 months have been in contact with your friend pastor Victor. Preparing myself for deliverance. Been attending church Saturday and Sunday. I’ve been attending Bible study. Reading the word on a daily basis like a two edged sword Bringing my 9 year old boy and my 11 year old boys with me. It’s amazing to see my 11 year old grow. As he has become an evangelist and has been praying and healing people through the Holy Spirit. He wants to be a pastor and be a deliverance pastor when he grows up.”

The Holy Spirit had me focus on this father’s young boy. I’m so happy we focused on him as needed to be rescued. The demons were furious that they had been exposed and was willing to fight me at first.


“NO! We are not leaving! We are staying with him. He is too powerful. We must stay inside his body,” the demons revealed to me, “We must destroy him first!”


Obviously, I fought back in Jesus name and the church assisted me in crushing these demons. They were sent into the pit, screaming out him and coughing out of him. Moreover, as this young man was being set free, everyone could see he was different. He had peace, joy and comfort. He was no longer scared but strong in Jesus.


“I feel really great! I haven’t felt this good before, Jay!”


As he sat back down by his father, demons erupted from within his father. As the demons surfaced from within him I looked over back at the son and he was started surfacing demons. I was thinking, what the heck is going on? This young man was just delivered! So, again, I confronted the demons within the boy and the demons told me how they gained access.


“We just entered him,” the spirits of witchcraft revealed to me, “We transferred from the father into his son!”


AH! Because of their soul tie –father to son bond– the demons were able to gain entry. So, I did another deliverance for the boy. The demons were swiftly driven out and he testified of feeling such peace and calmness! Jesus set him FREE!


I then directed a family friend, that attended the meeting with the family, to take the boy outside of the hall, as we directed our spiritual attention to the father. The spirits of Satanism and witchcraft surfaced from within the father and caused him to hit the ground withering. Many other demons surfaced from within others. Numerous souls experienced some freedom. I hope to meet up with the father at a future date. It was obvious however that it was his son that needed the ministry on this night!

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