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In Seattle: Lady Healed from 200 Afflictions

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Unusual subject line you might say? Well, in my ministry in Seattle the Holy Spirit touched many hearts including one dear woman in her 60’s that emailed me today and revealed I was the “very first human being ever” to…..

Got your attention? Read on…

After fighting some horrible traffic I finally arrived here to my destination here in the Los Angeles area where I’ll be conducting a public deliverance meeting. I will be here for the next few days ministering to those bound by the powers of darkness. Our Extraordinary Encounter is SOLD OUT and I’m believing our 2 public meetings will filled with the Holy Spirit fire!

Speaking of the fire of God, my right hand was consumed with the fire of the Holy Spirit last night in our meetings in Seattle, Washington where I ministered to those needing healing and liberation. In one encounter with a Jezebel spirit within a 16 year old girl, Jezebel pleaded with me not to place the fire on her!

“Please don’t,” as she winched in utter horror as I gradually approached her with the fire of the God upon my hand! Over the years God has blessed me in a very unusual spiritual power –the holy fire of the Spirit of the living God. I usually feel it on my right hand –thousands of demons have seen it and have been weakened by it. On this night in Seattle, the fire was burning intensely upon me and I was more then glad to be used of the Lord. 

“Get that fire away from me! Away from ME,” uttered the weakened spirit as I began to pour the fire upon the evil spirit that tortured this teenager for so many years. For you must see that these spirits had been appearing to her for years and causing great terror. Moreover, they had been afflicting her with very unusual pains and afflictions and boasted how they had brought cancer into her life. As I applied the holy fire of God upon the unclean spirits, the spirits begged me to cease.

“No, I will not, in fact more holy fire.”

As the holy fire descended from the heavens the demons shook the woman as they felt the wrath and judgement of holy God! It was incredible to witness! I then called for the holy angels to descend and many came into the meeting room and assisted me striking the spirits with their mighty swords causing even further pain to the demonic spirits within this young lady.

It was revealed by Jezebel that many generations ago her ancestors participated in witchcraft rituals that allowed them the right to invade the bloodline and have passed through the generations ever since with nobody stopping them. This should not be so, my brothers and sisters in Jesus, we must break generational curses and lead others to do the same thus freeing them of the immense satanic bondage that has been carried over through the generations.

As Jezebel was facing the judgement of God I commanded her to release the various parts of her heart and numerous parts were released including a 7 year old that spoke to me that had great fear. I led this precious little part and many others to Jesus where they experienced great supernatural healing. I then led them to Jesus for miraculously merging of the broken heart! 

Furthermore, I then commanded many of the demons, within her mind and body, to the pit! In Jesus name they flew out her and entered that prison!

“I feel REALLY good!” the teenager shared with me as her mother looked on with other family members! “My heart is healed, it feels good, I feel so much lighter.”

We also ministered to a 62 year old woman that I mentioned briefly at the beginning of this email. When she arrived to our Extraordinary Encounter she handed me a list of more than 200 afflictions that she suffered from. I have the list in front of me.

From spinal discs issues, to tinnitus, to nerve trauma, to congenital defects and so much more. This woman was a mess!

Her mother and father cursed her from the day she was born resulting in a lifetime of spiritual problems that led her to investigate other forms of alternative spiritual realities to find relief from her physical pains and afflictions –from idol worship to Freemasonry to Rosicrucian to Science of the Mind, to Silva Mind Control to Shamanism, to Spiritualism this dear woman has delved deep into the occult and Eastern Mysticism. Her life was filled with deep demonic bondage. Obviously, none of this brought relief to her broken soul. If anything all of this spiritual rubbish caused more gateways to be opened to tormenting spirits who then in return brought more pains and infirmities in her body!

By the power of the Lord Jesus Christ I ministered unto her leading her to renounce all of these generational curses and dealt with the many generational spirits of death that enslaved her all of these years. I commanded them to take upon the sicknesses and diseases and then sent them to the pit in Jesus name! Instantly she was healed! She testified to everyone in the ministry session that she no longer felt any pains anymore nor the demons! amazing, isn’t it! Our God is so wonderful, give Him praise!

So, while traveling from Seattle to Southern California I receive this email report from this precious disciple:

Dear Pastor Bartlett: Thank you for coming to Seattle. This city/nation/world so desperately need the work Jesus is doing through you.

I also want to specifically thank you for the blessing you prayed over me. I am 63 next month.  Well into my 7th decade on this planet. And you are the VERY FIRST HUMAN BEING EVER to speak a blessing over me!  Something Old Testament parents, for example, used to do over their kids, all the time!  No wonder our age/nation/planet is so screwed up, today!  So many curses being screamed over kids’ lives by their parents and others—including, tragically, not a few ministers/cults/etc!”

I was so humbled by this report! In all of her years of life no one came along to pray over her and bless her let alone minister to her deliverance! Tonight, I am going to bless you my friends with the love of Jesus! I look forward to it! Parents bless your children, your spouse VERBALLY! This is holy practice I do all the time over my family! ALL THE TIME! It works, it releases, it brings forth peace, joy, and the love of God upon their body, soul and spirit!

In our evening public meeting I taught for more than 3 hours. Throughout the night I was asked one question after another about spiritual warfare, dissociation, healing, and so many other topics as there is a vacuum present within the Body of Christ in regards to this kind of teaching being disseminated. I then ministered to those who gathered –some who had traveled many hours to be present. One Russian family traveled 3+ hours near the Canadian border to receive deliverance and healing. God did not disappoint. Both teenager children were set free from demons and healed from dissociation! One son was healed and delivered after the public meeting! It was beautiful to witness Jesus loving unto His children.  

One lady present was from Kenya who was powerfully freed from many witchcraft and occult demons. As they shook her body I drove out the evil spirits. With loud cries and vomiting many departed. She was so happy: “Pastor Jay, for twenty years I have sought deliverance and now I receive it. I am so happy!”

WOW! What can I say? Jesus is LORD!

Thank you for praying and believing in Jesus name!

Buddhist Disrupts Meeting in Las Vegas

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

 Our meetings never cease to amaze me! As I travel the world preaching the gospel and casting out demons I am honored to witness some amazing things –the dead being raised, the sick being healed, demons being expelled and other extraordinary miracles. Our missions cause controversy because of the fact that we stand for the risen Savior. Over the years I have seen many strange things transpire during our public meetings –being threatened with death, various kinds of infiltrators seeking to spiritually interfere and other kinds of disruptions. Satan desires to disrupt our public meetings as he does not desire for people to be set free from captivity.

 Here in Las Vegas we experienced some attacks. In our small meeting hall one of the attendees was a former Buddhist who now stands for Jesus! I’ll refer to him as Josh. Moreover because of his stand for Jesus he was been persecuted including being physically assaulted by his own mother (he’s 19 and living at home while attending school) who is a idol worshiper. Josh at one time participated in the offerings to idols and ancestral worship however now desires Jesus more then anything else thus creating intense conflict with his Buddhist parents.

 Within minutes of starting the meeting Josh’s Buddhist mother arrived to the meeting and declared I was disrespecting her beliefs! I reminded her that she was at a Christian meeting not a Buddhist meeting. She went into a demonic fury and rage! She screamed at me! She came to the front of the small meeting hall and bowed before me and yelled: You are a evil man! You are a evil man! Then reminded me that she loved the dragon!

 This immediately reminded me of Revelation 13:4 in speaking of the end of days when it’s recorded that humans, in mass numbers, will actually worship the devil (the dragon).

 People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?”

 Billions in our modern day worship various kinds of idols and gods from Hinduism, to Buddhism, to Islam, to voodoo –there are countless people bowing before the demons of the age. Then at some point in the future humans will worship the dragon and the beast (the devil and the anti-Christ) in large numbers. In our present day, there are humans who will confess they love the dragon as did this woman in this meeting.

 “I love the dragon, I don’t need your Jesus,” this woman reminded me, “I know what you are trying to do, you are trying to persuade my son to bomb our home.”

 Not sure where that came from except to say that the demons within her were causing her to go berserk. She then stormed out of the meeting room but only to come back again and again. She would come in yell and scream at me then leave. Minutes later this would repeat itself. Everytime she would come back I simply and calmly reminded her: Jesus so loves you! Jesus cares for you!

 That made her madder! Demons abhor the love of Jesus!

 Then her husband showed up and he too was furious!

 Eventually they both left and I was able to minister to their 19 year old son. In Jesus name I led him to renounce all forms of Buddhism and idol worship and the occult that he had participated in. Moreover, I commanded all Buddhist and occult spirits to leave his body and mind in Jesus name!

 We also ministered to a lady who had spent a lifetime in great emotional pain and bondage. Raped at a early age and having endured an abortion this dear woman had been taken advantage of by evil spirits all her life. While praying for her a spirit of Jezebel surfaced and battled me. It refused to drink the blood of Jesus but eventually did and commanded it to leave her body in Jesus name. It did! It was sent to that pit! I also dealt with many other spirits and they too were driven out in Jesus name. This dear lady testified of feeling better and lighter! Jesus was beginning to liberate her and heal her heart as I spoke to various parts of her heart and sent them to Jesus for healing!

 Though the enemy sought to stop the meeting at the beginning, the meeting continued on and victory was achieved in Jesus name!

 The weather here has been phenomenal –very invigorating– being here in the desert. Cool breezy winds yet the sun is out in full force. Tonight getting cooler and it’s been refreshing. I leave tomorrow for Seattle, Washington for an Extraordinary Encounter and more public meetings.

 Appreciate all your prayers. My wife and children are doing good. We trust ourselves to the blood of Christ!

Instantly FREED from Sorcery in Chicago!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

It’s nearly 2am here in Chicago and I just got off the phone praying with my wife and request your prayers as she shared that the kids have been under some serious spiritual attacks. It truly affected my wife deeply. I’m not at liberty to share the details but know this is quite serious. Appreciate those of you who are praying! It seems the enemy really targets the home when I’m in the midst of these missions. As you can imagine this can be a burden because it involves my precious children.

For many hours we ministered to those who attended our Extraordinary Encounter earlier today and those who attended our evening public meeting. In our Extraordinary Encounter session, among those who attended was a father and son. Both suffered greatly under demonic attacks. In fact, the 72 year old father had revealed that he had been seeking deliverance for a very long time from generational curses that had affected his life and his 37 year old son. Both had practiced sorcery and various forms of witchcraft.

The 37 year old son, Ben, shared that for many months he studied Wicca and became addicted to sending satanic curses. Moreover, he learned how to astral travel and began to spiritually travel with the aid of demons to his friends to instill fear within them. These doorways were opened to demons thus allowing the enemy to torment his mind. For more than 20+ years Ben has been hearing voices that encouraged him to murder. He had resisted the voices but he was being worn down and needed the intervention of God.

This is where we stepped in and offered assistance. In Jesus name, I led Ben in a series of prayers and then commanded the evil spirits to depart. Almost immediately the demons left his mind and body and he could no longer hear the voices! Mind you, here’s a man who for 20+ years had been hearing voices on a daily basis torturing his soul. Within a few minutes these spirits were forced out and he was FREED! The smile, the release, the relief was immediate! After his deliverance, he revealed he would love to preach the gospel with me on the streets of Chicago and cast out demons in public! LOVE IT!

Furthermore, not only was Ben delivered, we also ministered to his 72 year old father, John. Because of his involvement in sorcery and participating with various forms of witchcraft he entered a deep form of satanic bondage. As with Ben, we commanded the demons to leave John and almost immediately the demons flew out of his mouth and he was set FREE!

“I feel real good brother Jay,” John shared with me as he just rested in the presence of the Holy Spirit, “I’m FREE!”

Then he stood straight up with both arms outstretched praising Jesus for his mighty deliverance!

There was no doubt this brother had been set at liberty by our God!

We also ministered to others including one precious sister who had a broken heart because of early childhood trauma. As I was praying for her a little 4 year old girl surfaced and shared that when she was 4, “Daddy was mean. He took my toy away from me at Christmas.”

No doubt this would shatter a little child’s heart especially on Christmas. The little girl then began to cry with incredible sadness and hurt!

I asked Jesus to lavish on this little one numerous toys and immediately toys from the Savior appeared all around her and she was filled with such joy! Does not our great God lavish His children with “good gifts?”

Then Jesus healed this little one and unified her with the heart –He truly heals the brokenhearted.

In our public evening meeting, here in Chicago, we witnessed the mercy and goodness of God being extended to those bound by demonic spirits. It was a small meeting, since it was a Tuesday we were conducting the meeting on, but nonetheless, the power of the Holy Spirit manifested within minutes of the teaching I was offering to those in the hall. While teaching from the Scriptures, a demon surfaced within a 62 year old disciple who had recently been a victim of word curses that family placed upon her. It was also revealed that earlier in the day she was nearly killed by these demons under very unusual circumstances. Demons are killers, we must be on guard always as they seek to destroy.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we commanded the demons to depart and they did! They also released a part that was recently formed due to the hellish word curses planted upon her by her family that deeply wounded her. This part was healed and unified!

We also ministered to a young Bible graduate who is scheduled to be in Russia to preach the gospel in a few weeks. For years he has known about his demonic bondage but didn’t know how to overcome the demons within his life. On this night God provided a supernatural breakthrough! It was a beautiful event! The entire ministry team utilized their gifts and battled the many demons within his life!

The demons of death first surfaced and were commanded to depart! Then a little boy surfaced that held such incredible pain, hurt and bad memories. The little boy was reached with compassion as he screamed:

“They are hurting me, they have my arms tied down, I can’t up.”

He was placed in a psychiatric hospital where they literally restrained him thus causing him to panic and become extremely fearful! Not only that but his heart shattered due to all of this trauma –of feeling trapped! In Jesus name, we released the part and battled the evil spirits causing the fear. These satanic spirits were expelled along with many others. Immediately he testified of being miraculously healed of numerous pains and afflictions. God healed his body, heart and mind! It was incredible to witness! Click here to to view his testimony (Jeff and Lally are our ministry contact for the Grand Rapids, Michigan area).

In just a few hours, I’m scheduled to leave for Las Vegas, Nevada where I’ll be conducting yet another public deliverance meeting. For five straight days –in more then 12 different meetings– I have been traveling to multiple cities throughout the country teaching, praying, casting out demons and healing the sick. Obviously, this is taxing upon my body. Moreover, facing all of these demons then on top of it hearing my family is under attack it’s quite intense. We are proactive and fight the battle under the holy blood of the Lamb! We WIN with the King!

Miracles in West Palm Beach, Miami, Grand Rapids

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I’m currently in Grand Rapids, Michigan and about to drive tonight over to Chicago. We recently concluded one of our Extraordinary Encounters and the supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit were numerous. Precious families and individuals from various locations throughout North America came to the meetings. For more then 10 hours we battled hundreds of thousands of evil spirits within many souls –spirits of witchcraft, the occult, Jezebel, death and a host of others. Many have been miraculously healed of various physical ailments. Others healed from a broken heart! We encountered human interjects, ancestral dissociative identities, and dissociative identities of various ages. Moreover, we encountered various mind controlling spirits along with their mind binding mechanisms. In each instance our great God was faithful to heal and set the captives free. God was faithful to allow many legions of holy angels to descended upon our meeting. They were called upon and they assisted me in restraining demon powers and serving those who were being victimized by the powers of the devil. Furthermore, souls reported seeing the risen Jesus!

Our public last meeting was well attended and precious souls were delivered from evil spirits. In fact, as I ministered to individuals deliverance others in the small crowd were experiencing freedom and miraculous healing. A few testified of being instantly healed of various pains and afflictions just being present where the Holy Spirit was moving so powerfully. Also a few testified of feeling demons exiting their bodies as I was praying for others in Jesus name! I was very encouraged to hear from a dear saint who publicly testified of being delivered from demons and healed in our last meeting in Grand Rapids –thousands of demonic spirits were cast out of this woman and she was even healed of dissociation (she had a little pre-natal baby part within her that was healed by Jesus).

For many hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures and equipped the saints. Those in attendance were quite attentive and asked many questions. There was a real hunger from those present. I was only able to go through one doorway –generational curses– the entire night (I hoped to deal with more doorways to demons). For hours we battled various kinds of generational demons within those in the meeting hall. All of them were sent to the pit in Jesus name!

In our Extraordinary Encounter meeting —there were some pretty dramatic manifestations of demon powers within those who were attending. One lady who surfaced demons at the beginning meeting was gloriously healed by the power of Jesus! Her 18 year old daughter, some years ago, was brutally murdered by a group of her friends (this crime story was picked by major media outlets due to the horrific nature of the killing). She was shot 10 times, then beaten by those who killers. It was a gruesome story. Within minutes of sharing a little girl surfaced within this mother of four children. This little girl was no other than her murdered daughter. It was a 5 year old part of her 18 year daughter that had been picked by demons when she was being killed thus the demons carried a handful of the broken pieces of the heart to the mother –in an attempt to further her torment as the demons would ensure the mother could hear and see her deceased daughter (mind you we are speaking of the broken heart not the spirit nature as her spirit nature went to be with the Lord Jesus upon death).

“I miss mommy, I miss mommy, I miss mommy,” the little 5 year old part cried out!

With tears in my eyes I took the hand of the little sad girl and led the little girl to Jesus. Our Savior took her pain and deep hurt. She longer cried and was healed and then I had her mommy sing a little song she had created for her when her daughter was 5 years of age. The little 5 year old part was so happy and went to be with Jesus as she was released from the demons that enslaved her for so many years.

Then the 18 year old part of her deceased daughter surfaced she was also set free from demons and healed by Jesus. She too was sent back to Jesus. I also deal with a ancestral dissociative identity –a part of her grandmother who exclaimed: “I love her husband. I enjoy making love to him.”

I explained to this part that she was not permitted to carry out this act.

“But I am so lonely,” the grandmother part shared with me.

Again I explained it was not permitted. The evil spirits within this grandmother part was removed and the grandmother part was sent back to Jesus.

Many parts were healed and a chief demon Asmodeus –commonly referred to as the “King of the 9 Hells,” surfaced speaking a strange sounding language. It was Slavic tongue (as her ancestors were Eastern European heritage). Some of the demons cursed my family. These curses were broken in Jesus name! Along with Asmodeus were Baal, Ashtoreth, there were also many Jezebel spirits including 16 sisters within Jezebel’s court. There were more then 40,000 Baal and Ashtoreth within this woman. Along with these numerous spirits were a multitude of spirits of infirmity bring various diseases and afflictions into her body. All of these were commanded to leave in Jesus name and with loud cries they dramatically left the body.

The transformation, the fruit of the deliverance was POWERFUL! One glance at her face spoke volumes! Deliverance FREES! Her face was all Jesus light! Moreover, she shared she was feeling FREE and HEALED! She felt peaceful and and lighter! Not only was she freed but so was her husband from numerous demons. He was also healed of many broken pieces of his heart! Jesus did it all!

On this segment of this North American tour –I was assisted by my dear brother and sister, Jeff and Lally and their daughter Adana. They were mightily used by the Lord Jesus! All three of them drove out demons in Jesus name! In each of my meetings in Michigan over the past few years they have been a tremendous support and I am grateful for their partnership in the gospel. They serve as my Michigan mission contact.

There were dozens of powerful miracles that took place of various sorts –angelic miracles, deliverance from evil spirits, physical healings, healing of broken hearts, and so much more. When do I have time to chronicle all the miracles? I don’t! I have slept very little, eaten less. However, God is good and has sustained!

In our last ministry session, I prayed for a family deeply impacted by the occult and Satanism. I battled 30,000 tormenting spirits, 60,000 spirits of Legion, 20,000 spirits of death, 20,000 spirits of Death and more then 20,000 spirits of infirmity, and more then 25,000 spirits called Adam. This 58 year old woman had spent YEARS searching for someone to come along to cast demons out of her! No-one intervened on her behalf. Her story is not unusual as many in our public meeting are testifying of this reality –having a difficult time of finding a church that will drive out demons! This is should not be so! This is a terrible spiritual crime and this explains why many billions are being enslaved by demon powers and generational curses because the Body of Christ is not activating her divine authority over the demonic realm thus demons run freely without being driven out!

For the past 4 days on the beginning stages of this North American Deliverance Tour –I have sought to free the captives! Our many meetings have been intense –lasting upwards to 10 hours. Dozens thus far have been set free from demon powers and miraculously healed by the power of Jesus!

In regards to the West Palm Beach, Florida, meeting it was well attended! We ran out chairs and had to bring more out. As more and more people arrived to the meeting. More then I anticipated. For hours, I battled Santeria, voodoo, witchcraft, sorcery, spiritualism, and many other occult spirits. I would estimate 80-90% of our audience was impacted by these kinds of demons. While in Miami, Florida, same scenario. People came from all over to the small meeting. In fact, people were still arriving 3 hours after the meeting had started! We battled countless voodoo spirits. Souls were delivered from demons and healed! One lady from South America experienced a demonic manifestation and for a long time battle a serpentine spirit. It was driven out in Jesus name!